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about author

Dr. Medha Khasgiwale has anchored, and hosted talk shows on all leading marathi television channels like Zee, E Tv, Doordarshan and so on.She has also anchored and acted in more than 50 corporate films.

She has also ventured into modelling and has several advertising campaigns to her credit.

A gifted artiste with a flair for painting, she has hosted four exhibitions of her paintings that largely featured landscapes, portraits and abstracts.

Her dedication to painting , coupled with a deeply humane disposition inspired her to teach painting to the visually challenged students of “Nivant” blind school.

Medha being a spiritually inclined person was deeply interested in understanding more about the karmic theory and about past life .

The “Karmic” theory is rapidly gaining wide acceptance as a philosophical , spiritual basis of causality, that explains not only what happens in our present lives, but also whom we meet and the nature of our interactions with them.

“Many lives , many masters ” a treatise on this subject by Dr Brian Weiss , a renowned psychiatrist, was a very scientific explanation about past lives and triggered a tremendous curiosity in this rather ” supernatural” phenomenon.

Being a highly intuitive person herself, she was quite convinced about the role of past lives providing a sort of template for unfolding the present .

Her continued interest in this field propelled her to take up the subject of

“Journey of the soul, & Life after death”. for a doctoral thesis.

She defended her doctoral thesis and was awarded a doctorate in jan 2012 in the above mentioned topic.

Since receiving her doctorate, she has been giving a one and a half hour talk on the subject of “Journey of the soul, and Life after death”

Thanks to her exposure to the world of media,, Medha strikes an instant rapport and connect with the audiences and holds them spellbound with her oratory skills and the content. With modern science also acknowledging the paranormal phenomenon like Near Death Experience (NDE) and Out of Body Experience (OBE), there is a growing interest in this metaphysical phenomenon.

Unlocking the Knowledge of our past that is buried deep in our subconscious may add a whole new dimension to understanding our self and our personality with greater accuracy.

These shows have received an overwhelming response all over Maharashtra.

She has been invited as a keynote speaker in various fora and has developed a considerable following. Audio CDs of these talks are also available for sale.

She has now extended her expertise in conducting past life regression sessions, that help the subject unravel his/her past life.

It involves inducing a state of relaxation and hypnosis, enabling the subject an access to his sub conscious , that is the store house of all the memories of past births.

This helps the subject manifold .
  1. understand the rationale for all the fears lurking in the sub conscious.
  2. serves as a very potent tool for emotional catharsis
  3. Helps the subject decipher behavioural patterns of those close to him/her
  4. can help the subject understand himself/ herself better and devise a strategy to deal with people and situations more rationally and holistically.
  5. these sessions also help in clearing up the blockages in the “chakras” or energy centres and heals the subject.

This technique is fast emerging as an important ancillary treatment

modality in holistic health care in leading multi speciality hospitals.

She has studied the “aura” and its implications in diagnosis and healing . She will be installing a machine in her office, that detects the distinctive aura of every individual which will help her detect the energy patterns and their dynamic interaction with the mind and the body. This will facilitate her to deploy a wide variety of healing techniques tailored as per the need of the subject.

Diagnosis of ailments, fears and attitudes my get a whole new meaning, with the roots of most maladies being traced o the “psyche” and reaffirm the profound psychosomatic interconnection.

Dr Medha has recently authored a book, that deals with the different aspects of death. The viewpoints of the major contemporary religions, the prevalent rituals and their explanation , and more importantly, a very deep introspective analysis of the phenomenon of death.

Dr Medha Khasgiwale
Past life regression therapist and healer